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NJ Fraud Defense Lawyers

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NJ Fraud Defense Lawyers

Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law

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Healthcare Fraud / Insurance Fraud / Tax Fraud / Welfare Fraud

Like all New Jersey government paperwork, welfare applications / insurance claims / tax forms can be confusing. Mistakes in the application process or other misunderstandings of Federal or NJ State forms is not all uncommon. Individuals that do not fully understand the forms, misfile or misinterpret may eventually be accused of fraud. Mistakes can happen and lead to very serious accusations, fines and even arrest.

A few of the common charges arising from the misunderstanding of Welfare, Tax, Insurance or Healthcare forms and qualifications.

  • Failure to Report All Income
  • Receiving Benefits Under Multiple Identities
  • Claiming Benefits for Ineligible Children
  • Claiming Single Parenthood Falsely
  • Receiving Federal or State Benefits from Multiple Sources
  • Criminal Penalties for Fraud

Anyone found guilty of Welfare, Healthcare, Insurance or Tax related fraud in New Jersey could face jail time and significant monetary fines. Fraud can be a third-degree crime in New Jersey. You could be facing up to 5 years behind bars. If you or a family member have been charged with fraud in New Jersey, contacting Tonacchio, Spina & Compitello Attorneys At Law for a free consultation would be a smart way to protect your rights and begin a successful defense.

Immediate consultation by phone or in office 888-982-4171
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