Matawan Criminal Defense Attorney

When criminal charges are made, whether in the state or federal courts, you need to contact an experienced Matawan criminal defense attorney immediately. A criminal defense attorney will be able to help protect your rights and ensure that you get the best possible outcome for your situation.

There are many advantages of hiring a criminal defense attorney in Matawan NJ, even if you think you’re not be guilty of committing the crime with which you have been accused. After all, no one wants to lose their freedom by spending time in jail; it can also affect your ability to find employment in the future when employers do criminal background checks. Here are some of the advantages of using a NJ criminal defense lawyer:

Matawan Criminal Defense Attorney | Advantages of Hiring One

Matawan Criminal Defense Attorney

Access to legal knowledge:

NJ criminal attorneys deal with criminal charges every day of the year. They have a great deal of legal knowledge that is specifically related to criminal cases. This will allow them to be able to give you frank answers and provide you with a realistic interpretation of your chances in court.

Access to criminal defense experts:

Criminal defense attorneys in Matawan, NJ have access to criminal lawyers who can testify on your behalf at trial or before a grand jury for criminal charges such as domestic violence, drugs, murder, or federal criminal charges. For example, if an individual has been accused of being involved with gangs, it may be necessary for an expert witness from law enforcement to give testimony on gang activity during criminal proceedings.

 A NJ criminal defense attorney understands criminal proceedings:

Criminal defense attorneys are able to read criminal complaints thoroughly and understand criminal procedure inside out. They know criminal law like the back of their hand, which will be important if they are trying to negotiate any aspect of your criminal case.

Knowledge about penalties:

Criminal defense attorneys have extensive knowledge of criminal penalties in the state or federal system. This will be helpful when they are trying to negotiate a plea deal with prosecutors for criminal charges such as DUI, domestic violence, theft, sexual assault cases, drug possession cases, drug trafficking cases, and white collar crimes such as wire fraud or embezzlement.

Reduced stress for you and your family members:

Criminal defense attorneys will be able to handle criminal charges for you and your family members, which can take a tremendous amount of time and stress off the shoulders of those involved.

A Matawan criminal lawyer knows how prosecutors think:

When criminal defense lawyers defend criminal cases, they understand what is motivating prosecutors. They know what evidence is necessary in order to win a criminal case, conviction rates by state and county, types of sentences defendants receive for convictions on different charges such as domestic violence or drug possession charges, and how judges approach sentencing hearings. All this knowledge will be invaluable when it comes time to negotiate criminal deals with prosecutors and during criminal proceedings.

A NJ criminal lawyer knows how criminal juries think:

When Matawan criminal defense attorneys are trying criminal cases in front of criminal juries, they know what kinds of arguments that will be persuasive to a jury and which ones won’t. This knowledge will be instrumental when trying to negotiate a plea deal for reduced charges and avoid going to trial on certain charges such as drug possession or misdemeanor assault, where evidence is weak but the prosecutor insists on pressing forward with the case.

Looking for an Experienced & Reputable Criminal Defense Attorney Near Matawan, NJ?

If you’re looking for an excellent Matawan criminal defense attorney to guide you through your legal legal process, look no further than Tonacchio Spina & Compitello. Our criminal defense attorneys are well qualified and experienced in aspects of defending those charged  with misdemeanors and felonies.  If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense or believe you may be under investigation by law enforcement, our attorneys can help protect your rights and work to reduce the consequences of a criminal conviction. For more information, you can contact us at (732)383-6242, or visit our website.

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